Glocal junction, where Desi meets Videshi

Glocal Junction, Andheri West, Mumbai

glocals exterior

Glocal Junction in Andheri West is a popular hangout place. It is huge with 2 storeys and has an air-conditioned indoor seating as well as an open air outdoor seating.

The interiors are a refreshing  blend of local and global influences, which also stands true for the food and drinks.
I had been there with my girl gang and we reached around 8 pm, it was a sudden plan and we amicably decided to try Glocal’s Junction. Which is when we realised we should have made prior reservation’s as we couldn’t get a table. But with some Jugaad and some convincing skills put to use, we managed to get one. Hence I recommend to make prior reservations.

I had high expectations in terms of music, dancing and crowd being a Saturday night. But as far as the music was concerned the party had not yet started and we became impatient around 9.30 pm after eating and drinking. We felt the lack of foot tapping music and dancing.

It was more of a quite dinner feel with some music playing in the background. As we didn’t enjoy much beside the food and drinks we moved to another place around 10 pm.

The food menu has a good mix of international cuisines and Indian cuisine…to cater to a wide range of customers. The drinks menu has a range of Indian and international wines, whiskeys, beers and cocktails. Food and drinks were fairly priced.

What we ordered…

Farmers delight Veg pizzaIMG_2235 Black Pepper Kukkad (Chicken)IMG_2234Nachos with Cheese SauceIMG_2242

All this food was accompanied with Chilled Beers. I personally didn’t like the serving dishes, it may catch your attention for a moment, but then gives you a feel of food served in a jail. So here I would like to quote the lyrics of the song from Shania Twain’s 90’s song “That Don’t impress me much ”  So to sum it up 3.5/5 stars for food, drinks and ambiance.

For all the popularity the place has gained, I might try it once again. If you have been to Glocal junction, please share your experience in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you.

Additional Details:

Location: Plot No B-57, Ground & First Floor, Morya Bluemoon Building, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053.

Reservation: Prior Reservations needed.

Hours Open: 12 pm to 1 am
Price: 1600  for 2 people with alcohol.
Parking: Valet Parking.
Branches : Mumbai,  Bangalore, Hyderabad.



19 thoughts on “Glocal junction, where Desi meets Videshi

  1. I have beautiful memories associated with Andheri… Mumbai was the first place I lived alone and I stayed in Andheri! 🙂
    That was almost a decade ago and I’m sure Andheri would have changed a ton by now. Hope I’ll go there again and when I go, I’ll surely check out Glocal! 🙂


    • I have been born and brought up in Andheri, so the same emotions as you. And yes Andheri has developed way too much and now is a hub for all party hangouts at a hop, skip and jump distance.


  2. I haven’t been in Glocal Junction but it sounds great. I’m not really into dancing at public places (LOL), so any night with no crowds would be amazing! 🙂


    • Yes, It is a nice place in that sense where there is music in the background and good food and drinks accompanied with friends and family.


    • The food was very good, only that the theme of the place was such that it was served in aluminium trays. Which was not quite to my liking. And yes what I mainly missed was dancing. but will surely give it one more try.


  3. This looks like a fun place to hangout with your girlfriends indeed. Usually, bars have the reputation for not having good food. But it seems that the case is different with this one. That pizza looks so amazing – you’re making me hungry and I just had dinner while reading this!


    • We were actually quite early… only we got to know from few acquaintances that the party starts a little late at Glocals junction… so it’s still on my list for a revisit.


  4. Have stayed in Bandra for a couple of years, but that was many years back. The scene has definitely changed over the years in the western suburbs. I am not aware of Glocal and was initially attracted by the name. But I guess it is nice for a quite dinner when you want some quiet and solitude.


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