Imagine if our beautiful world had just one nation, one country, then it would surely be called Foodistaan and every food lover, a Foodistaani! Hi… I am Shweta Sandhu, food blogger from Mumbai who loves to cook, eat, travel, watch movies and sing out loud, only when no one’s listening.

I have a penchant for trying out new cuisines and after some adventure with different cuisines, I find my true solace in Punjabi food being the true North Indian that I am. So as a “Foodistaani -The true food lover”, I am eager to take you on a joyride of my experiments with my passion for food.

Here you will find yummy recipes, appetizing reviews and mouthwatering anecdotes through my blog. I invite every foodistaani across the globe to join my adventure… So without a doubt, subscribe here to experience true food patriotism at foodistaani.com.